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    Default retrieve deleted files

    Juha says 'unless the area is overwritten, the entire file or parts of it can be easily retrieved' How can I do this? What programmes are available?

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    You can get a free undelete trial download but its crippled. For serious undeleting you need something like the Undelete utility in Norton Utilities. That can dig you out of pretty big hole but the more you use your computer before undeleting the files the less you can recover. Ideally you should hit the kill button immediately that you realise you have deleted wanted files and reboot using the Norton CD to minimise overwriting by windows.

    Commercial data recovery companies can do better but it costs a bucketload of cash.

    The theory is fine but unless you act fast you lose quite a lot of data. If you have defragged, most if not all will be gone.

    I hope your enquiry is academic only!


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: retrieve deleted files

    Lost and Found, Norton Diskedit and Disk Doctor for Fat 16 partitons. This is done via DOS.

    MS Diskprobe and DriveMap as well as NDD and Diskedit for NTFS - either basic disk (Win2k) or file system version 1.2 (WinNT4.0). Diskprobe and DriveMap are done in WinNT, the others via DOS.

    I'm not aware of being able to recover data from dynamic disks (Win2k) - ideally data recovery from this is via a Raid with parity.

    Another option to use - this time in Windows - is Ontrack's Easy Recovery Pro.

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    Default Re: retrieve deleted files

    Ki Ora

    If you haven't been on line with Press F1 for a while you might not realise that I posted details for a FREE fully featured undelete program that I found earlier this week. Take a look. it's worth it!


    Billy 8-{)

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