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    Default Limited net connection...

    I've got a bit of a problem.
    I'm only connecting to the net at 26400bps.
    It used to be 21600bps, but after ringing my ISP's tech support( they told me to update my driver - which i did, and got to 26400bps, then they said it was a program on my computer doing it.
    It's not always been like it, we used to connect at 53333bps with paradise.
    We even tryed another ISP, but still the same speed.
    And its no the phone line, neigbours are connecting @ good speeds.

    Anyone no what program might be limiting it?
    Or something else that might help?

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    Default Re: Limited net connection...

    what sort of modem have you got? what os?

    one thing you could do is take the pc over to the neigbours and try it. at least that may rule out phone lines.

    i assume that the settings are all correct. anything connected to the other ports?

    otherwise i'd be inclinded to remove the modem, tcp/ip, and all networking and reinstall it all.

    whats your actual download speed like? it could be the modem is working ok but windows is reporting an incorrect logon speed.

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    Default Re: Limited net connection...

    Hi Alex,

    Do you have anything else other than your computer connected to the line, or have you made any changes how your computers set up. ie. the phone line in the backs running along next to the power cord.? Reason I ask we see these probs all the time at work and quite often it's due to line ticks (electrical interferance) that slows the service. When I use my 56k connection at home I used to have the phone hooked up to the same line and it would drop out or slow down my connection. Now I fully disconnect the phone so only the computer phonelines connected and it runs fine.

    If the aboves no help, you may want to call your phone company and ask if any changes were made on the exchange and to reset your number and or change the exchange class from 1 to 2 (2 opens the lines bandwith at the exchange for fax & data, but you proberly wont notice too much of a difference, and you may also need to check if this service is available with your Telco).

    Sure your neigbours maybe fine, but they could also run on a different exchange (and yes it does happen, Farmer Joe and smith can wave to each other, but they run on different exchanges).

    Anyway best of luck, and let us know how you go.



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    Default Re: Limited net connection...

    firstly I have a Conexant SoftK56 Data, Fax, Voice PCI Modem, with what I think is the lastest driver. using Win98SE.

    All the settings are correct (according to paradise tech support)

    My download speed starts at 3kb then gets down to 1kb per sec, for the rest of the download.

    The modem line goes straight to the phone line - no adapters, no surge protection, but could it be the cable itself??

    The cable has to go into the next room(we don't have a line outlet netx to the computer) and goes past a TV, stereo with all their power cords.

    We only have 1 phone line and use the phone on it, but we take out all the phone cords when we connect to the net.

    I'll leave all that phone exchange stuff til I really have to.

    Also, the tech supp guy said I could of had a program thats limited it, could it have done something in the registry?


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