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    Default Windows 95 ......corrupted

    I recently built a pentium 233 out of old parts to use as a personal computer in my room , but one day when i went to start it up it kept teliing me i had no hdd eventually it picked it up and had to run scan disk but scan disk had to fix alot of files then scandisk stopped working and i got an error message now i cant get past dos because it gives me the error message cant find a required .dll and cant find WIN.COM unable to continue loading windows i tried to format c: but it just says but command or file name please help this is so frustrating i dont even know why it did it to start with its worked fine for the last few months.

    any help would be much appreciated


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    When you try to format C: you have to do it from a startup floppy.

    Though if you are having trouble finding your HDD, that problem will need to be sorted first.

    Make sure your bios sees the HDD when you boot up. It could be a wrong setting in your bios, or a loose cable to your HDD, or the HDD could be on it's way out.

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