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    I have all disconections disabled yet i get disconnected from Actrix anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes into connection. Any suggestions? Actrix says it is nothing to do with them.

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    Did they give any clues as to what was causing the disconnection?

    Do you have any double adapters or extension leads between your modem cable and the wall jack?

    When did it start to happen, what os, and had you changed anything in your setup that corresponded with when the disconnections began to occur.

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    actrix had no idea why it was happening and just thought it was my computer .

    modem plugs straight into wall.

    has been happening for sometime now don't use the internet for long periods of time. operates on windows me, and have changed nothing in the setup.

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    add to that- what is your logon speed? and your download speed?

    it could well be just bad phone lines.

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    don't know the speeds the modem is conexant softk56
    connected at 45,333bps

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    I live in a remote part of this country, the weather was really stink all weekend [Easter] and every time I conected to the Internet thru my ISP I kept getting disconected..... I put it down to overloading on the Telephone Lines.
    Is this still happening Now???

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    Peter, 'You Are Not Alone', if that's of any help to you.

    That problem is one of my biggest bugbears with Actrix, as it NEVER happened when I first joined with them around three years ago. It's only been happening in the last year or so.

    I actually get two types of 'disconnections'. The most common is when the modem just stops sending data either way, it doesn't hang up completely but just doesn't continue responding. I have to reboot the PC to clear the phone line.

    The second type is when I get thrown off completely, but that doesn't happen too much and I can live with that. It's the other type that drives me mad.

    Like with you, they say it isn't their fault, but funnily enough it doesn't happen with zFree... Go figure.

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    For me with paradise:- connecting in the morning is excellent, afternoon not so great and holidays, pathetic. I always get through first time and am usually connected at 46000ish but have the transfer stopping problem, which seems to get much worse after 17 mins online.
    My cure is to disconect and connect again for another 17 mins!
    I might add that I live in the country about 50k's from town..
    It's sometimes so dissapointing and frustrating isn't it??

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    Silly me, forgot to mention the getting booted off thing that happens too, mostly when it's school holidays and mostly when I don't want it to happen the most.
    Paradise say it's not them, and help me look at all my unchanged settings all over..
    I did just try Jo's min/max tip only for my win-modem to not respond...mabey I did something wrong? or mabey it doesn't work on '98

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