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    Default 98/ 2000 Restoring Dual Boot when boot sector dies.

    I have just reinstalled Win98 onto a once dual boot, dual HDD machine. C: was the primary (Win 98 - still is) and D: the Secondary (Win 2000 - everything is still there). I had to format C: courteosy of a boot sector corruption :-( and now, with win98 reinstalled cannot boot into Win2000 (which is 100% intact on the D drive).

    I have tried the 2000 Boot disk and trying to recover - but the requires that I have an emergency repair disk ... ooops don't have one!

    Is there some way of quickly getting my system dual booting again? Apparently there should be a 2000 install boot sector image stored on my D: drive but the MS Tech details for its recovery apply to machines already running NT/2000? And, in my semi-recovered state I am loathe to go down the reinstall 98 path again!

    Look forward to any suggestions ...

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    Default Re: 98/ 2000 Restoring Dual Boot when boot sector dies.

    What's missing now James is the info that needs to be on the 98 C drive, as this is what is read when you boot up, and gives you the choice of booting into W2k or 98.

    I think you will have to reinstall W2k to get that info put back into 98.

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    Default Re: 98/ 2000 Restoring Dual Boot when boot sector dies. could you used your Windows98 boot disk and just type in the following syntax: 'fdisk /mbr' to fix your boot sector.

    Alternatively even if you should copy all the details below and create a new file called Boot.ini Save it into C Drive.

    [Boot Loader]

    [Operating Systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT='Microso ft Windows 2000 Professional' /fastdetect
    C:\='Microsoft Windows 98'
    C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT='Microsoft Windows 2000 Recovery Console' /cmdcons

    If you also have the following files: 'Ntldr', 'Bootsect.dos''', or 'Ntbootdd.sys' then if 2000 is still intact as you say it is, then this method should work.

    If you have already attempted this; then yes its likely that another installation of Win2k is on the agenda.

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    Default Re: 98/ 2000 Restoring Dual Boot when boot sector dies.

    Thanks for your suggestion. Shall try as you suggest but suspect (as the 2000 recovery system failed) that I need to reinstall.

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