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Thread: How about CDR?

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    Default How about CDR?

    Do u copy files indivdally to a CDR?
    And another question about CDRW what do i do if i want to make a backup copy of a cd?
    Do i copy each of those files indivdally too?

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    u can copy eah file individually if u want...but that sometimes wont let u use the cd properly(file by file) if u make a BACKUP of a game, so just download something like clone cd or adaptec and copy the cd whole, but if u want to do some files today, and some tomorrow, then something like adaptec is great for that. (if u search for adaptec easy cd creator 5 platnium, u should get places to d/l) its big, but its good, that'l solve ur burning probs

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    My personal preferences are clone cd for whole disk copying and cd creator 5 for files backup both are very easy to use.I also use audio catalyst to rip mussic to mp3.

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