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    I am using win98SE and since installing the latest patch for IE6 and windows and now tweakui wont work. The little arrowa are back (ARRRRGGGG) and other little things goe bump in the night. Anyone have any ideas?. I really hate those little arrows No songs please :-)

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    Is it possible to download a newer version?

    This doesn't seem really new, but reinstallation might just do the job.


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    HI robo, did what you suggested and when I clicked apply to remove the small arrows, then all the icons on the desktop disappeared everything blinked a few times and then came back arrows and all. So that didnt work. tried some of the other options and they seem to work ok, just these *#>!@%$** arrows. anymore ideas?. thanks for your time anyway.

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    Im not sure if this may make any difference, but if you want to; just do a backup and copy, paste into notepad and save as.REG





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    Hi justin, thanks for the advice, only I am not sure what you mean about the registry stuff. I dont like fooling around in there unless I have step by step instructions. thanks

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