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    Default Network printer won't print

    Old Epson 600 printed perfectly between networked XP computer and ME laptop. New Epson C60 brings up message when trying to print from laptop 'There was an error writing to LPT for the printer (Epson C60) The printer is not ready, Make sure it is turned on and online' Can't find a way to make it print.

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print

    If your printer is physcally connected to your XP computer and you are trying to print via your laptop, you will need to install your network printer on the laptop first

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print

    Have you tried the online interactive troubleshooter for this printer?

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    Default Re: Network printer won't print

    Make sure that your XP machine can print to it still, if not check the printer status by seeing if it's turned on and that it's ready to print. Usually a green light.

    Check to see if the printer is being shared. The printer icon in the printer folder should have a network connection at the bottom of the icon. If not you have to right click on the printer and enable sharing. Then connect with your laptop to the other computer find the printer right click on that printer and ... I've forgotten the rest but either install or map or something. I hope you find your way.


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