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    I love making my own email stationery with Outlook Express. Is there any way I can change my own CD Music to a format that can be used with my email? I can copy the music into a .wav file but this takes too long to receive. What program do I need to alter this say to a Midi file which I have downloaded from the Net and goes perfectly with email stationery? Your comments would be appreciated.

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    Hi. I am sure unsure of what program to use - I did a search for something like this ages ago and came up with nothing. Bear in mind tho that the conversion, if you can do it, is going to sound very very poor by comparison to a wav or mp3.

    Anyway, here's a site that gives a bunch of popular songs for download free in midi format that you can use. You could go to Google and do a search, for eg, midi download whateversongyoulike

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    You are correct Bev, the compact midi is the one to use for email. 1000's of midi songs are available for download on the internet if you so a search.

    However if you want to convert your own CD's to midi, do a google search & enter 'wav to midi'..You will find many programs there, that will do this for you, but maybe not for free..

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    Thank you Bazza, I followed your advice and searched for 'wav to midi'. There were many websites but I got into one that told me that it really could not be done unless the recording was by one instrument alone. So will not go looking for some downloads. Thanks for your help.

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    Thank you for your input Greg and how to go about the search. I have read about trying to change wav to midi and see it is only really for where you have a single instrument playing. Will give up on my original plan and now go searching with Google. Many thanks

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    A Midi file (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling devices, such as synthesizers and sound cards, that emit music. A midi file is therefore like a set of instructions.

    At minimum, a MIDI representation of a sound includes values for the note's pitch, length, and volume. It can also include additional characteristics, such as attack and delay time.

    The MIDI standard is supported by most synthesizers, so sounds created on one synthesizer can be played and manipulated on another synthesizer. Computers that have a MIDI interface can record sounds created by a synthesizer and then manipulate the data to produce new sounds. For example, you can change the key of a composition with a single keystroke.

    You should have no problem finding your favourite CD song as a midi file on net. Although a bit cheesy with no vocals, midi's are ideal to include in webpages, stationary etc as they are tiny files,

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for your very clear explanation Steve. I only wish I was a musician and could use one of these new electronic keyboards! However, as you say, I should be able to pick up what I want from the Web. To date I haven't found a good classical music site.

    Best wishes

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