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    Default large print format

    how to get my inkjet to print a text page downloaded from web to large print not just a4 size
    i run win98 with lexmark 5700

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    Howsabout opening the page in your web browser then going to the View menu at the top of the screen and finding the command to increase the text size (different browsers call it different things)

    When big enough, print it.

    (Might need a bit of trial and error)

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    many thanks gm but i must have not made my problem clear i'll try again.
    i've downloaded a web page which is a tv circuit diagram.
    it's a large image and when i print it off it reverts to a4 which means i find the diagrams are too small to read no matter how big i make them they always print off A4 size and to me unreadable can you help

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    Has your printer got a setting for printing posters as that may work, otherwise open it in a graphics program and split the diagram up until it is readable.

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