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    I recently aquired a 1/4 GB IDE hard drive (don't laugh) and installed it in my mother's computer. I am currently having a problem trying to get the computer to boot up from the original hard drive (10GB ATA) and still be able to use my drive plus the cd drive that I also have (IDE type). Is there a way to do thus? According to the manual of my motherboard, the IDE drive, by default, is the boot drive.

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    Make sure:
    1) the boot disk is set to 'master' and the other to 'slave' on the jumper settings on the HD drives.

    2) the cable plugs (IDE and Power) are well seated - it is easy for them not to be connecting.

    3) BIOS settings to see the 2nd drive have been checked.

    CD drives usually use a second IDE cable - not same as the HHD string - depends on how old the mother board is.

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    I have tried putting the 2nd hdd on a different controller (just tried) the bugger is that the system wont boot off the ata drive. Maybe if I put an OS on my 2nd drive and reassigned the letters would help?

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    You have both hard drives set as master. You need to set one to master and one to slave. There should be a diragram on the hdd some where to show you which jumpers need set.

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