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    Default Darn XP and its problems

    Most stable OS my ass!

    Still having probs with my CD burner. Still won't read multisesion cd-r's and now my regular ones!

    This time when copying, on certain files it will come up with an error message: 'Unable to copy xyzfile.ext: invalid ms-dos function'

    I thought XP was dos free?

    The knowledge base has a similar error for NT 4.0 and cds with the interactive cd format (CD-i), but I am running XP, and these are regular cd-r's with no directories, just a pile of files (my precious backups) in the root. So much for backing up before upgrading, I can't get the bloody things off the cd's. They work fine in my friends win98SE machine.

    G P

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    Default Re: Darn XP and its problems


    Graham Petrie
    20/03/02 16:53:54
    Re: afternoon snoze news View Respond

    Naff off Micro$oft you bunch of tight arsed, slimy, american [no offence to the narmal citizens of that democratic state], globalized, corporate ******s!

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    Default Re: Darn XP and its problems

    I am still using Win 98 second edition and have no desire to use XP was tempted until I read the comments on- line from unhappy users with hardware issues and lack of drivers.Also what needs activation can be deactivated I am always upgrading my PC and don't like their pay as you go policy also XP firewall etc are full of holes
    Win 2000 is ok as it has been out long enough for bugs and patches etc to be developed . Never be at the bleeding edge of technology the cost in time and cash isnt worth it also if it isn't broken dont try to fix it.
    XP is ok on fast recent systems but is a hog on resources and requires a 600 mhz plus machine with at least 256 megs of ram in it to run. It also tries to do too much and not too well.
    I use seperate firewall programs burning software etc which does everything xp tries to do but better.

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    Default Re: Darn XP and its problems

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    Default Re: Darn XP and its problems

    'Most stable OS my ass!' - but has it crashed for you yet? It might just not work but still be stable ;-)

    From a recent Langa-list

    '7) XP & NTFS Reader Tips

    Reader Michael Santo was on a roll, and sent in two separate and
    interesting tips on the same day:

    1) You may have noticed when you go to Add/Remove programs and
    try to delete extra Windows components (like Messenger, which
    I don't want), you only a few items. If you want all possible
    Windows components you can uninstall, go into the \Windows\Inf
    directory, edit SYSOC.INF and remove the word 'hide' and
    replace it with, well nothing. [I.E. replace instances of
    ',HIDE,' with ',,'] You can then add/install all the Windows
    components possible, including Windows Messenger.

    2) re NTFS, there's one thing you can do to increase
    performance. The OS marks the timestamps a folder when you
    access it. You can turn this off by Opening the registry and
    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\FileSystem\NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate
    to 1. Naturally if the key does not exist you should create it ...'

    supposedly lets you uninstall lots of crap from it. But ofcourse we all know that once you manage to get XP running how you like it, it's essentially just 2000 :-)

    Still got 98SE here, JM

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    Default Re: Darn XP and its problems

    P G - I don't get your point.

    Gordon - I didn't get XP until I found a way to secure my privacy. Nuff said.

    Don't use XP's firewall. Don't mind being at bleeding edge of technology. Makes life more interesting. I know eventually my stuff will work, I am just bleating in the meantime. I had had a rough day.

    JM, has crashed a few times - explorer not responding, screen freeze, but not as much as the others, and I do get your point.

    Excellent tip, have been trying to remove messenger for days.

    I always have Linux on another drive if I want a break from MS, I just have certain driver issues with linux too (modem) so no good for internet, and I use AutoCad daily, and there is no equivalent as of yet for Linux.

    G P

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