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    Default Displaying digital images on TV

    Have just re-read the article re above on PC World site and want to know can you also display images from a pc on a tv set. I have lots of images, mainly photo's of grandchildren and overseas rellies I would like to show on something a bit larger than a 17 inch screen.

    Trouble could be that our tv set is fairly old and might not have a suitable input socket.

    Thanks in advance PP

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    There is bound to be other ways but what we did was create a VCD disk for use in a dvd player using Nero, we had hundreds of family photo's and just dragged them into Nero and nero converted or what ever those images into a format that could be used in a vcd.
    It is a time consuming job compared to straight cd writing but we put up wards of 2000 jpg images to a disk and they play great.
    Whether you use this or something else, if you can view your pictures on something much larger than a pc screen you will not be disappointed.

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    Default Re: Displaying digital images on TV

    If you've got a video it will have an RCA input - video in, so you can connect through that.

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    Does your graphics card have an TV OUT option ??
    If so all you would need to do is put the pic's in a presntation program such as power point.

    Another way if you dont have an TV OUT graphics card is to purchase an Pc to tv convertor from a shop such as dick smiths etc.

    Escentually these devices sit between your monitor and your PC intercepting the signal and from there allowing an out put to the tv usually by rf cable.
    you would still need to do is put the pic's in a presntation program such as power point (thera are many free ones out there if you dont have powerpoint)


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