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    I recently done a scan disk and had a scare. My hard drive as 4,094 bad sectors, I purchased the computer as a used one. Is it the hard drive on the way out ? or can I do something to fix it. I can not afford to fix it by purchasing another hard drive. Since I found this problem, I've still been using the computer and it's been fine. Your answer would be a help. Kind Regards Yvonne

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    Don't worry too much about bad sectors. Its just your hard drive showing signs of its age. Like anything small defects appear when your hard drive gets old and bad sectors is the main thing that shows up, all that it means is that you cannot store data in those sectors and your computer already knows this and will avoid them anyway. Sorry but you cannot fix them. 4095 bad sectors is not a collossal amount so it should not be affecting your system in any way that you can detect.

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    I agree with dipstick.

    However if you want to know if it is bad the run scan disk once a week and see if more bad sectors appear.

    You're only in trouble if your bad sectors start growing in size qiuckly.

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    You don't say what OS you're running or the type or size of your HDD. Some HDD manufacturers (like IBM) offer free disk tools.

    Anyway this problem is commonly an indication of a failing hard disk drive.

    It's generally recommended that you backup your data and attempt to format the hard disk drive.

    I would no longer keep any critical data on it that is not backuped up on other media.

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    Are you sure that scandisk did not say '4096' sectors?

    If it was that, it is more likely to be just a 'lost' file, which was not properly closed. If there is a file (or files) called C:\FILExx.CHK, just delete it/them. If not, scandisk again, and look very carefully at any messages it gives you.

    Don't panic -- yet.

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    Thanks Graham lees,I think it was just 4096 sectors, and I have got Chk files in the files list. I have Windows 95 and a 386 computer, a baby one in way of size but I can't afford to fix it if its going to die on me. I have done another scan check and its still showing the same message so that's a good sign ah !. If I have to reformat my drive could you help me do this, I have done it before but not on a computer with Windows 95, or Internet. Thanks
    Kind Regards Yvonne.

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