VX PRO Motherboard, Cyrix PR200MX, 64MB ram, 10G Hard drive, Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 sound card, S3 Verge 4MB + Creative Voodoo 2, KTX 500W speakers + subwoofer, Windows 98.
I was using SoundBlaster 16 sound card before I switch to PCI128. When the Hard drive is running or I am moving the mouse, or srolling up and down, typing, there are cracking noise coming out from my speaker. Even if you don't move or touch anything, you can hear 'Ji Ji Ji...' and if something isrunning, moving, or I am doing the typing, then there will be 'Ji Ki Ki Ji Ji Ki...' This problem occur both in windows and DOS. I have the most updated drivers, no conflict between the hardware and software, even I tried to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows and everything, it still making the same noise, same problem if unplug the speaker and use earphone. Can anyone help me please? Thank you. (The problem occurs in my old SB 16 sound card and new PCI128.. at first, I thought the problem was from my SB 16, so I bought a new one, PCI128 but.... I still encounter the same problem)