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    I've applied for the TelstraSaturn Cable Modem (128kbps, static IP), and I'm using Win98SE running on a home network, all of which uses private static IP addresses (192.168.x.x). Now I want to share the cable modem connection with my LAN. The problem: How?

    The Windows ICS cannot be used because it can't seem to handle static IP addresses. Wingate seem to conflict with my Firewall (from Tinysoftware), which will disable my LAN from accessing my local web server. And I'm still not sure if I set it up correctly!

    Please help me!!

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    You'll need to get proxy server program. I use WinProxy for ICS. Get it at

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    Actually, I prefer a NAT software to a proxy one. Proxy servers (from what I've heard) have a limit that I don't want: They only allow you to use certain port numbers. I need to be able to use all types of port numbers as some of my games uses unusual ports.

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    Ahh... so Winproxy DOES support NAT... OK, I'tt try it out.


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