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    Am I correct in assuming that animated.gif files are composed of a series of
    cartoon-type figures?
    If so, is there a method by which an animated gif file can be broken down
    into its component parts?
    If this was possible, each part could then be included as a continuing
    series on separate pages in an article or booklet.
    Or am I being too hopeful?

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    Hi Nancye
    Just came across your posting while looking for something myself. The way I see it is that animated gifs are exactly what you described; a collection of single pictures flipped through to make one moving picture. I downloaded a copy of Microsoft Gif Animator (free) and loaded up a gif cos I had to see how it worked. It really is just a series of moving pictures. I messed about with a small mpg I had, taking out several frames at regular intervals thus reducing the size of the file but ending up with what is essentially an animated picture. I have a gif of the X-files opening tv sequence which was produced by someone else the same way. I also used my Word program and created an animated gif of my daughters name for her to use in her email. I used the Wordart feature to type her name in several different colours, sizes, & textures and then put 4 frames of each in the gif, so that her name changes 6 times in the course of the gif. I had to fudge it a bit, but eventually got it looking quite cool. If you have a digital camera (or even some scanned in photos) you make your own gif with them. I guess the only limit is your imagination. There are heaps of animated gif sites out there and some good freeware apps for making your own. If I can help, please let me know on

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