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    When applying for a job and they refer to must be proficient in use o CBA software what do they mean ?

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    It is an accounting package that has been around forever. Still DOS, not too tricky to use, reasonably powerful (does way more than MYOB and Quickbooks, but harder to use).

    You've either used it or yuou haven't. Having used others is often just as good.


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    FWIW : CBA stands for Computer Based Accounting. It was used at my workplace ages ago. Our finance mgr wouldn't let anyone else near it (not even the IT administrator, wasn't she a trusting little soul <G&gt so I haven't got any experience with it but believe it was fairly powerful & DOS based.

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    The CBA I know stands for Cowan Bowman and Associates. At their peak their would have had 6000 companies using it in NZ. Their peak has passed somewhat, but not many other than MYOB would get close to user numbers.

    That is what they usually refer to in job ads.


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