For security, my email (Eudora) is totally separate from my browser, so my knowledge of browser-associated email and the way it works is severely limited.

I want to reply to the second letter in the 'Listener' this week, going on about how your 12-year-old can be entrapped by porn, and I want to be absolutely sure I have my facts right.

If you also use your browser (MSIE or Netscape, any version) for your email, is there ANY way in which a visit to a website COULD enable the website operator to ferret out your email address?

The author of this letter is trying to set up a scare to the effect that young people will get tons of objectionable spam if they ever go near a porn site.

I'm pretty sure he's talking rubbish and this is technically impossible. But in the environment of all-purpose browser/email/news clients, could I be wrong?

And if it is so, should there not be a fix for this vulnerability?

Steve B.