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Thread: excel virus ???

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    Default excel virus ???

    I have been experiencing strange things happening to my excel 2000 (academic). When i start up excel the message requesting virus scan appears twice in the task bar (Opens ok and everything) then occasionally formulas dont compute like they should or have in the past. sometimes it wont let you change the font and recently a chart i made didnt source the correct data (added columns which werent even part of the equation) I have run a virus scan (Norton upto date) but nothing is detected - could this be a macro if so how do i go about detecting it as i dont know how to use macros and if detected what next?
    any advice really appreciated

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    First try setting you Excel Options to warn of possible macros.

    Tools... Options... General and make sure Macro Virus Protection is ticked.

    Then open your workbook. If there are any macros you should get a message with 3 options. Tell it to Disable macros, and see if behavious changes. If not or if you dont get a mesage when opening them virus is not the problem.

    If stil strange then:
    Go to the page you suspect may have problem.
    Hit ALT/F11 - this should take you to the Macro Editor wher eyou can see what code if any is associated with that page. You should also be able to see what other pages ar ein the workbook and if any 'Modules' are attache d to it. Look for any AutoOpen or other Auto... macros that may be there. These are the most likly place for code to lurk.

    You may also need to check any file that are open when Excel starts (usually in the
    Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart directory. These get opened and macros run even if you have virus protection set :-( so you have to check those as abve if you still suspect problem.

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    Default Re: excel virus ???

    Have checked macros security it is set at high, checked for macros (Alt F11) but couldnt find anything, looked up the excel startup folder nothing there - you dont have any other advice?
    still stumped

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