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    Default Reboot to safe mode after a naughty exit

    Do you have to reboot to windows in safe mode and then reboot again to
    normal, or as I do, reboot to safe mode DOS command prompt, then give the key board
    the three finger salute 'Ctrl-Alt-Delete' The reason I ask is, what is the
    point in going to the 'desk top windows safe mode' just to reboot to normal
    mode and too waste time? and also if you use more than 480 by 640 resolution with a few icons
    safe mode upset the icon order when you go back to normal mode

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    Default Re: Reboot to safe mode after a naughty exit

    why are you going to safe mode?

    if windows is kicking you to safe mode then you have a big problem somewhere that needs fixing.

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    Default Re: Reboot to safe mode after a naughty exit

    Windows 95, 98se is programmed to go to 'safe mode' out of the option table given at the start of the boot up. So that why I have wasted time going there.

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