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    Default IE security lockdown

    I would like to know how to lockdown security settings in IE6, specifically to disable file downloads. I can set up the custom settings in Tools\ Internet Options\ Security\ Custom: but how do I stop the next person from changing them back?

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    There is most likely no way round it. You could try 3rd party software. But your best hope is probably something like Nortons Ghost, which would return it back to its settings after a reset/logoff.

    If u require it for a business/school. you've got no hope. There are always ways round it.

    When i was in school, the administrator disallowed downloading of files with certain extensions. it turned some away, but others just transferd files they wanted to a webhost renamed the file to a txt or html, downloaded it, then renamed it again.

    The joys of 'hacking'. We wanted to get on irc one time, so someone setup an irc proxy on port 80.

    to be back in school again


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    Default Re: IE security lockdown

    Hi Don,

    download the IEAK from MS and use it to make a custom install. You can then modify all sorts of options. Combined with system policies you can lock the browser down tight.

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    Default Re: IE security lockdown

    Hi Bruce, you've broken my cover! -yes I am in a school situation.
    Thanks Blah.
    Tried Ieak but wont run -getting 2 messages.
    1. c:\program files\ieak6.exe
    A device attached to the system is not working.
    1. IEAKEng.dll is linked to missing export wininet.dllrivacygetzonepreferencew...

    Any ideas?

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