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    Where in Auckland can I buy Go Back 3

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    Go Back 3 comes with Norton System Works 2002. I haven't seen it by itself but it might be and it would cost you less.

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    Hi Wayne,

    I have got something similar on my computer which came with Windows ME....

    You could try this in your computer: START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > SYSTEM TOOLS > SYSTEM RESTORE

    This will allow you to send your computer back to an earlier date. Much the same as Go Back does

    Regards, ALAN

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    Yes Kame is correct there is 'GoBack' on Norton System Works 2002 its the cut down version but still does what want and you get all the other norton stuff.Yes as Alan say's ME has got system restore as a standard feature and works the same way.

    But in answer to your question
    where to buy 'GoBack' is
    They are located in Auckland.
    Oh and 'GoBack' is a 'Roxio' product.
    I have 'GoBack' myself,I like it.

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