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    Default jpegs & back up program

    giday I have got a small problem:
    I loaded the acdsee photo program from one of your earlier mags.
    Upon using the program I founnd it was not what I was looking for.
    Upon deleting it, it left the jpeg/gif's under acdsee and the only way I can view them is through kodak imaging or paintshop.
    Is there any way I can get the files so they dont look for the acdsee program??

    Second : I went to do a disk backup the other day only to find that disk backup is not there . Can you suggest any sites I can go to to download or can I pull it off of the windows 98 cd (I have win 98 se but no disk)
    you help is much appreciated

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    Default Re: jpegs & back up program

    You'll need to set the file association back for JPGs to one of the programs you want to open it with.

    Open up My Computer go to the tools menu then Folder Options then File Type and look for JPEGs JPG and then change the program it opens with.

    I think that MS Backup can be found on the Windows 98 CD hava a look through it.

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    Default Re: jpegs & back up program

    you have Win98SE but no disk? Hmmm... you will probably find all the Win98 files in the folder Windows\Options or possibly Win98

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    Default Re: jpegs & back up program

    An easier way is to go to Explorer and right click on a jpeg file and choose 'Open With' and pick the program you want to use and make sure the check box is ticked to make the changes permanent.

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