I have a problem with my dial up networking connection occassionally locking up. I am running windows 98 on a k6-200, 64MB ram, KTX 33.6 modem,NE2000 compatible plug and play network card (I am not currently on a LAN though). I have 2 dialup connections set up, to 2 different ISPs. The connection that sometimes locks up runs a short dial up script, and then works through a proxy server for www access (port 80, standard sort of settings). This connection is to a university. In the properties/server types for the connection, I have ticked only tcp/ip, entered a tcp/ip number and also entered numbers for prim/sec dns and prim/sec wins (needed for university LAN access). I use IE that came with w98 (IE4.01 I think) and Outlook 98 to connect to a exchange server that is elsewhere on campus through the university wide LAN. Most of the time, everything works as expected. But sometimes, maybe once every 3 connections, the flashing green lights on the '2 computers' icon (representing the dialup connection) on the system tray (bottom right) stop flashing. They normally flash when data is being transferred back and forth. I have not noticed doing anything at the time that would indicate a program is at fault. Either IE, Outlook 98, or both could be running at the time. The lights stop flashing, and even when I request a new site in IE, the lights do not flash to even indicate that the request was sent out. Picking up the phone shows there is still the modem noise, so the connection is not lost. But suddenly the lights might start flashing again 5 minutes later, and normal service resumes though it might lock up again. Best way is to reboot the computer. Disconnect and reconnect does not solve it. It just stops flashing again after connection has been established. Speculation - some win98 tcp/ip or dialup or communication driver (rnaapp????) locks up looking for something that it cannot find. I once noticed Windows Media Player finished playing at the same time as it locked up. Coincidence?? I have not noticed it happening with my other dialup connection (no dialup script, server assigned tcp/ip address and name server address), so it is specific to the one connection. It is not as though the university server is not replying, because watching the flashing lights shows that no data goes out when I request a new web site. Any ideas???