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    Default HDD FSInfoSector Error

    Lately I've been having a problem that annoy's me. Sometimes when I turn on and boot into Windows ME it freezes just as it loads the speaker control in the system tray.
    The only option is to kill the power/reset and re-boot. This of course forces Scan Disk to appear upon re-boot. After scan disk finishes Windows will sometimes load without problems or just freeze again at the same spot.

    I checked the SCANDISK.LOG file and this is what is says....

    ------- SCANDISK.LOG --------
    Log file generated at 22:13 on 13/2/2002.
    ScanDisk used the following options:
    Standard test
    Automatically fix errors

    Drive WINME (C contained the following errors:

    The drive contained an error in its FSInfoSector.
    Resolution: Repair the error
    Results: Error was corrected as specified above.

    ScanDisk found errors on this drive and fixed them all.

    I've done some searching on this FSInfoSector thing but I haven't found much, the only think that I've uncovered is it could be problem with Window ME.
    Does anyone have any clues?


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    Default Re: HDD FSInfoSector Error

    The FSInfoSector problem is a side affect of your system crashing, but will not be causing it.

    It stores stuff like how much free space there is on your drive, and when your system crashes windows didn't have a chance to update it.

    My suggestion would be to boot into safe mode and run MSCONFIG (Start-Run).

    Goto the startup tab and uncheck everything then restart.

    Then run MSCONFIG from normal mode and start re-checking entries until you find the problem.

    Running Adaware (available from on you system will remove any spyware you has installed itself on your system which could be causing the problem.

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    Default Re: HDD FSInfoSector Error

    Thanks for your reply BM.
    I'm still confused and I'm concerned that my 40GB hard drive (purchased in Sept 2001) is about crap out on me.

    The same freezing at boot up error happened again today and the latest scan disk log says...

    ScanDisk found 32768 bytes of data in 1 lost file fragment(s).
    Resolution: Discard lost file fragment(s)
    Results: Error was corrected as specified above.

    ScanDisk found errors on this drive and fixed them all.

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