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    Default HTML text editors

    Never having used one of these b 4 i'm trying to find the best one to download to use for an assignment.
    wondered if anyone new of any really good ones.
    many thanx.

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    Default Re: HTML text editors

    In my opinion, the only tool you will ever need for web page design is good old notepad.

    You can do your HTML, Javascript, CGI scripts in it.

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    Depends a bit on what you want to do - and how much you want to learn, not to mention how much time you have to do the learning.

    WYSIWYG editors include Frontpage & Dreamweaver(pay for them), Frontpage Express (free but no longer supported but still found. Do a search on this site for a link) and Netscape Composer (also free - try the PC World disk and install a full version of Netscape).

    'Notepad on Steroids' (as one of my friends referred to it) include Homesite and Hot Dog - find them on the site. You do need to know HTML commands to use it.

    Then, of course, there's my favourite - Notepad. HTML knowledge essential.

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    Default Re: HTML text editors

    has more add ons than one can find out about NZ PC world should put it on there magazine CDROM

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    Default Re: HTML text editors

    I had a quick look at the page of the one that Ben Don (!) recommended but can't see what the price is without looking further.

    A couple of free ones are Arachnophilia at

    and the one I use the most: 1st Page 2000 at

    I started off doing web pages in Notepad, but soon wanted something that could insert tags for me rather than typing them out all the time, and a search and replace tool. It is also handy having the tags in a contrast colour to the text.

    That's what these two do, and much much more. Remember though, they are primarily HTML text editors.

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    HTML Kit is free and like Don says has more addons than you can poke a stick at.
    It's easily the best free one around when you get used to it.

    I only use it when I'm feeling lazy though, because as Iain says good old notepad does most of what I need and it get's the grey matter turning over too!

    I think coffee cup do a good free one as well.

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    Default Re: HTML text editors

    Homesite by Allaire gives you 60days free trial - has more than I need !

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