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    I have recently been asked by five different people to fix their new pc company computers or to give them a hand in setting them up when they bought them.

    I have found some rather alarming things.

    3 of the people have AMD processors that run at 1.3GHz or above and these are consistently running above 75 degrees, which i do not beleive is healthy since my custom built Athlon 1.2GHz runs at 30 degrees.
    I got in contact with the local pc company to inform them, and they told me that 75 degrees was OK and anything up to about 110 degrees was fine.

    I do not believe this as I have read a large number of overclocking / pc modification web sites that say anything over 70 is pretty hot.

    Also, I have found that extensive amounts of hot-glue has been used to secure the case together, and secure components to their sockets, and unused ram slots have been hot-glued over, rendering them unusable forever.

    Not only this, the modems are tied into their sockets with a loop of cotton that passes around the board and under the PCI socket and is tied and hot glued to the top of the modem board.

    Also there are more threads of hot glue drifting around the processor, and the heat sink appears to be glued to the processor itself, although I cannot be certain of this as i did not try to remove it.

    The PC company is supposed to be New Zealands No.1 PC seller, and by the extensive advertising in the PC Worls magazine appears to be endorsed by PC World, but I do not think this sort of thing is acceptable coming from the supposed best...

    Has anyone else found these sorts of things?? I am sure that if consumers were aware of this they would be a little more careful in purchasing a PC company box in the first place.


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    Hi Craig

    Interesting observations.

    A note of caution - You can't really expect PC World to 'endorse' their hundreds of advertisers.

    It's a case of 'buyer beware', and you're doing your bit to help buyers make an informed decision.

    I'd be interested to know if anyone else has seen the same things (i.e. it might be just one cowboy at your local branch).

    I'd be spewing if I went to add some RAM a couple of years later and couldn't do it.

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    It's more than alarming, if this is widespread practice in PC Company computers, it's absolutely disgusting, and people should take them back and get a refund. It needs to be widely publicised.
    We need to demand a response from the PC Company management on this one.

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    looks like the pc company guy dosn't know swat. different speed cpu have different op temps and dif fry temps. general 90 degressC is fry temp. bye bye cpu.

    a better eg is my 1.4 thunderbird which is one of the hottest. idle is around 50. never seen sustained temps over 60.

    however a couple of things. what is the case temp and room temp? is the mobo acctualy reporting temps correctly?

    depending on glue you should find it removeable easy enough. hot glueing and tieing down cards is a nessacary evill. how many people have had slot1 cpu's and cards come loose in transport? heaps! thou i would be seriously pissed off if the glue was permanant.

    the thermal paste on the cpu does quite a good job of glueing a heatsink on ;-)

    if the temps are not within amds specs then have a word with amd about it. they might be able to strong arm some action.

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    hate to state the obvious but...
    just wanted to check all parties are talking same scale here. my athlon 800 is running at 25.4c which is 77.7f .

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    yep in this country we use C ;-)

    the early atho do run cooler but 25c is far to cool unless your room temp is very cold. suspect you either have airconditioning or the temp reading is incorrect. some mobo's are knowen to report incorrect temps. gee my room temp is higher than your cpu temp ;-). also are you reading the right temp sensor?. some temp programs will give a temp reading of 25 for a nonexistant temp sensor.

    i just checked at amd and the max die temp for over 1100mhz atho is 95c.

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    Haven't had a look in a PC Company computer before. But the reason for all the string and hot glue would be so that they can see if the case has been opened thus voiding the warranty.


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    Hi Craig

    Hmmm, something does not seem quite right with your statements. For instance, why would ' five different people' ask you to do whatever, when returning the PC would be an easier, cheaper and certainly more logical option?

    Though it's beside the point, I too own several of these machines (for business purposes) and have not found any of the 'faults' you describe. I even went to the extent of voiding my contract by opening a couple of our machines to check on your claims.

    Could I suggest that, because of your concern, you make contact with The PC Company's Head Office(URL=, with an exact copy of this posting, asking for their comments on your statements/claims.

    I for one, will be VERY interested to read their reply, though I suspect you may well not be.

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    Hi again Craig, Take note of Terry Porritt's statement and demand that the PC Company management respond to your post.

    It should make for good reading for the rest of us!!

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    Just used one of the utilities on this months PC World disc, and out of three snsors, I get the following three temperatures (AMD Athlon 1200) 220C, 290C, and 770C. I believe that the three sensors must be two case temperatures (which are on the low side considereing AMD's recommendation, but my room temp is probably only about 18 degrees. The third must be the socket temp which is below AMD's prescribed value of 95.

    I have yet to open the case and see if my sockets are glued shut!

    G P

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