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    I just tryed to visit my favourite search engine but now every time I type it redirects me to I'm asuming they have my computer cookied in some way and this is just to get more people aware of the site (i didnt know it existed).
    Asuming it has exactly the same sites listed as the .com site I am wondering what is the point of sites like google producing these small of shoots when they are exactly the same as what the've got?

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    Local advertising revenue I'm afraid. Just like NZ versions of magazines? PC World, e.g.?

    I've tried to get 'round it but no luck so far. Might be time to try out a new search engine.


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    Thats very interesting, only just noticed that! However if you connect via a proxy server then you get a Google site according to the country the server is in, eg. just had Japanese and a French Google. It doesnt make any difference the search base is the same, 2,073,418,204 web sites if you select a web search.

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    I don't think it will be anything to do with a cookie, just a simple redirect of some sort. I think it only started a couple of days ago. Because it was only the other week that I accidentally typed in and it came up with no site.


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    Mine doesn't redirect. Tried it just now.

    Must be something altered in your system.

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    I have my bookmark set to:

    which isn't getting redirected.

    So you could set yours to:

    to get the normal english page (if you don't like elmer).

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    Mine doesn't redirect either. Bookmark or type in version. Could it be a trial through a particular ISP?

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    Think about bandwidth on overseas lines. Why should a query be sent halfway around the world, and the answer back when the same database is on a server in NZ?

    That bandwidth is not free. Every byte costs money. Your ISP may be forcing that redirection to keep its costs down (thus keeping your charge down).

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    If you search the web from the search box at the top of PressF1, you'll be able to search not nz. This search box uses IDG's search engine SearchNOW for NZ searches and for International searches... that should make life easier for you.


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