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    our school is on a Novell network. we have just bought our first pc with XP professional. we have problems with multple users within the microsoft log on .
    how can we make it so that users just by-pass the windows client every time?

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    A Novell Client for 2000 exists - not sure about XP? Allows use to log into Windows as a temporary user and then to Novell as a Novell user. Temporary Windows user gets deleted when they log out.

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    Novell have released the Novell Client 4.82 for XP. works with Netware 5 and 6. One thing is that if you are using Novell Groupwise 5. it won't work with XP. One other thing is that there is a memory leak in the Novell Client 4.81 for NT/2000. I'm unsure if it extends to XP.

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