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    When opening Winamp on Laptop with Win95- it goes to taskbar and won't open onto screen although prog is running. So I can't set playlists etc. Have reloaded latest version. Hasn't always done it.

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    Hi Denis,

    I would actually ditch Winamp, and install MusicMatch Jukebox.....

    Go to Google, and check out the features you get with MM. I think you will like it

    Regards, ALAN :-)

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    In preferences there are settings for run in task bar, or on systray, tick which you prefer being taskbar.


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    Winamp is a rather powerfull audio layer and while it doesnt have all the functions of Music match defauly built in, It can indeed do what Mm does and more!!

    Anyhow right click the on the winamp icon on the taskbar.
    From the new winamp menu that has poped up..choose winamp.

    From here make sure a tick in on main window and playlist editor. If the tick is missing add it.


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