I downloaded Outlook 98 (O98), using the active setup program for O98. It was a download of about 16 MB. Fine. I then added support for corporate email, that is, I needed support for Exchange server. Another download of 5 MB. Fine. On a 33.6 modem, it takes a while. I have copies of all the files that the setup program downloaded. I had a problem and reinstalled Win98. I installed Office 97 plus SR1. I then tried to reinstall O98. The O98 active setup program then insisted on downloading all of the files again! Trying to copy the files into the download directory didn't work. It just deleted them and continued to download the same identical files. On the internet, time is money spent, and I would like to know how to install O98 from the cab files I have already got. There does not appear to be any other setup program other than the 'O98 active setup'. Surely the CD version doesn't do this.