Recently I had a CD backupurnt of my HD.
When I bring the CD home my CD drive (Creative Lab Quad Speed C420E) will not read it though a friends 8x speed drive will. My CD drive will read all other CDs I have.

I sent an email to Creative Labs and the following response was received which has not been successful. Any help would be appreciated.

Response from Creative Labs
Try cleaning the CDROM drive with a
CD lens cleaner.

Please also check if you have any lines with the MSCDEX.EXE command line in
your AUTOEXEC.BAT. For example, 'C:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD001 /V /S /M:8'
If so, remove those lines and reboot your system after the change.

This is to allow windows to use 32 bit access on the CDROM drive instead of
16 bit access with MSCDEX, so that long filenames could be read.

Also try changing the IDE port your CDROM is using: if the drive is
currently connected to the sound card, try connecting it to the Secondary
IDE port as a Master instead.