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    hi there

    i accidently deleted heaps of my files off my hard drive that i would like to restore.
    i bought this months issue of pc world and the free cd rom says to try go back 3 trial i cannot find this program could you please help

    thanks helene

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    It's a bit late for that program. Don't use your computer until you manage to get hold of a program to restore those files as any files written to the disk could overwrite the files you want to restore. In the old days of dos there used to be a program called undelete but that would be no good as it would not restore long filenames. You did not say what os you were using.

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    Hi Helene

    Norton Utilities will boot from the CD or a DOS floppy disk and undelete your files.

    You may or may not recover all of your files doing it yourself, but that may be your only economic option. In the meantime I would not turn the computer on again as every disk write lessens the chances of recovering your lost files.

    If the lost files really matter to you, don't try to undelete or play with it at all. Call Computer Forensics on 09 359 9424 (or 0800 Lostfiles) and talk to Cameron.

    They can recover your files but it costs. You have to deliver or courier your HDD to them, and the upfront fee to examine & quote is $90 plus GST. Cost from there depends on how hard it is to recover your deleted files.

    What you will consider good value for money will depend on how important the files are to you. If they are not that important then go the Norton utilities route.

    You don't say whether they are data or program files. If they are for programs you might be able to replace them by reinstalling the software.


    Billy 8-{)

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