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    Does anyone out there know where to find a diagram about what plugs into where inside an hp pavilion 8624 pc? Am having some probs with the cd writer and think I may have the wrong bit plugged into the wrong place.

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    You could find the info you want at a site called Technick.

    It can be a very usefull site containing the pinouts of all sorts of devices.

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    More than likely HP don't manufacture that board and they don't have a diagram on how to do your own thing with it on their site.

    Usually looking on the board you'll find a name or model number that you can search on the net to give you an idea who makes your board and where you can find details on it.

    There are usually 3 cables going to the CD Writer. The power connector, IDE Ribbon Cable and the Audio CD Cable.

    The Ribbon cable connects to the IDEs on your motherboard and has to be connected the right way around, the striped wire in most cases but not all should be on the power connectors side of the CD Writer. The actual orientation is pointing to pin 1. On the motherboard just make the striped wire go the same way as the Hard Drives IDE cable.

    The audio cable connects to the sound card.

    You can either look on the motherboard and find a diagram of your board or you can post your problem in detail on here and someone might be able to help you.

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    OK, the problem from day 1: HP Pavilion 8624, tried to upgrade RAM from 64 to 128, kept getting lockups, put original RAM back, no lockups, but CD-writer won't write (buffer underrun) and recovery disk 1 won't run, goes straight thru to windows (disk 2 works fine). Purchased another recovery cd in case that was the prob, but no go. All cables seem to be connected correctly (seem being the operative word here - ribbon cable master to hd, slave to cd-rom, power connecter P4 to hd, P5 to cd, audio cable to motherboard). Emailed HP support and got a list of things to do - go into BIOS and change boot priority so CD-ROM is at top of list, do step-by-step config, say no to any lines containing DBLSPACE, DRVSPACE or DWCFGMG - didn't work. Not sure what is wrong. Everything else works OK. Must be something simple but can't figure it out!?

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