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    Default Windows Explorer via right click start button

    I am in the habit of right clicking the 'Start' button to access Windows explorer in 98SE. The only problem is that it opens focused on C:\Windows\StartMenu.
    I realise it is a registry entry but where do I find the entry to edit it in order for explorer to focus on C:\

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    Default Re: Windows Explorer via right click start button

    Hi Alister

    I know what I am going to suggest doesn't fix your problem and that there is probably a way to set the root folder, but

    I use the Windows Key (between ctrl and alt) and 'e' to open windows. It opens up focussed on My Computer with all the trees under it collapsed


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    Default Re: Windows Explorer via right click start button

    I didn't know that one, Jester. I hardly ever use that Windows key - must learn some more of its tricks :-)

    Alister, I've got an Explorer shortcut on my taskbar toolbar right next to the Start button (along with Internet Explorer, Frontpage Express and the Desktop shortcuts) so it's only a one-click access to my C drive.

    To get the shortcut, find the Explorer icon (not Explorer.exe) in the Windows directory and right-drag it onto the taskbar toolbar and choose Create Shortcut Here.

    Happy Exploring!

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