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    Default Test post. Ignore.

    Hey! What are you doing in here? Nosey.


    Just trying to see why this darn software seems to ignore line breaks. Sorry, but there's no test 'topic'.
    This is a new line after 'topic'.
    New line 1.
    New line 2.
    Line 1 cut/pasted from Notepad
    Line 1 cut/pasted from Notepad
    Line 1 cut/pasted from Notepad
    Line 1 from Word2000
    Line 2 from Word2000
    Line 3 from Word2000
    Try an HTML linebreak without much optimism <br>
    Any luck?
    We'll see when we post.

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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Mmmmm. No go.

    There must be a way to do it.
    Try putting a blank line then taking it out again.

    Try<BR>with no gaps.

    With <BR> gaps.

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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    You know what happens to people who talk to themselves, don't you...

    PS There is a key on your keyboard that says 'Enter'. Hit that a few times and the magical breaks will appear.

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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Hi John

    As way of introduction I designed and maintain this site and have just noticed your posting so I'll give you a brief explanation as to why the new line won't ever happen. Although, if you click on the view icon beside each posting in the thread you can see your line breaks preserved on the single post. Unfortunately though, when I assemble the complete thread for display I have to do it out of a Notes view. Notes views don't support text formatting and it's only through alot of parsing and general mucking about that I even manage to preserve your original paragraph breaks. It's a pain, I agree, but never fear! There's a new F1 on the way and this post has just gone on the list of things to be fixed.

    Thanks for reminding me.


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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Test reply, please ignore

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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Hi James

    Thanks for the info. I did actually see lists with one item per line when I was searching for things in the archives, so I thought it must be possible - if I could only find 'the secret'.

    You've saved me banging my head against the wall.

    I'll wait for the new software.

    One thing I did think of long after the other guy (Mark?) had posted a request for ideas was this:

    I think it would be good if you only allowed people to register with ISP e-mails (i.e. no Hotmail or other web-based accounts). They could still have their nicknames for public display, but I think it would help the behavioural standards if everyone knew they could be traced and banned for abuse.



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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Whaddya mean?

    I *am* ignoring it.

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    Default Bulk deal!!!

    I am thinking I should arrange a group discount for psychiatric counselling for you lot.

    Good thing I am ignoring this too, or I might have a problem.


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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    Back to the testing:

    ******************** 20 x 2 Asterisks ********************

    Broken Link: Comment!Openform&ParentUNID=F63D54E3BB127CD1CC256B 4F003E7A87


    ....+....1....+....2....+....3....+....4....+....5 ....+....6

    Broken Scale:

    ....+ ...1 ...+....2 ...+....3....+ ...4....+....5 ...+....6....+ ...7....+....8 ...+....9....+ ...0....+....1 ...+....2....+ ...3....+....4

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    Default Re: Test post. Ignore.

    .According .to .my .other .tests .if .the .words .have .a .dot .in .front .of .them .they .should .never .break .The .purpose .of .this .test .is .to .see .whether .a .single .do .is .sufficient .or .whether .s.everal .dots .are .needed .should .about .do .it .I .think .that .it .will .now .b.e .longer .than .the .scale

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