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Thread: EPL addicts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beav View Post
    Just one came across, actually watched a full game, no problems at all.

    If people don't want to pay the legal and local suppliers then its on them, since Sky have the rights for 5 years (I think it was), its the usual story people want everything for free or next to nothing. Its usually that people sending a PM are doing so to obtain illegally otherwise why not post the legal way in the forum.

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    I agree that the spark sport EPL coverage was good, as in it had the 3-10 minute highlights of each game in addition to the full match on demand. But I think $40 a month for Sky Sport now is a pretty good deal too. I also watch the Snooker, the rugby and Sky Sport has all the games, not just selected ones like Spark had. Good luck watching champions league/FA Cup, other competions with your spark sport subscription, Sky had the rights, and ESPN also has the other football leagues.

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    I thought this was going to be a support group for people addicted to Epson laser printers...

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