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    Default New Zealand's version of Stonehenge

    We were on leave down near Masterton and visited Stonehenge Aotearoa just a short way south of the town.

    They offer guided tours but we decided to take a self tour - cheaper.

    I would say that if you are in the area or travelling nearby then go and visit because it is quite good. "Stonehenge" is a misnomer though as it is not made of stone but of reinforced concrete. But that does not detract from the sight of the monument.

    It is about as big as Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain (we visited there a few years ago) but about the only resemblance is the fact that it has pillars, is round and all the pillars are capped with lintels. Rather than made up of individual "stones" it is one complete structure.

    You might like to have a look here:
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    Default Re: New Zealand's version of Stonehenge

    Thanks for posting that Roscoe, very interesting, especially the observatory.....

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