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    Smile Gmails New Security

    Thought this may be helpful for many people whom Gmail new security is causing hassles.

    Gmail have been upping their security and removing the "unsecure" option apps over the last couple of months. Some devices like Printers (Scan to email) Security Cameras, and thousands of other devices that use gmail as a log in will or are being blocked with incorrect password.

    The Password for your account may be correct. But due to the new security you have to go into gmail and get a secure password and basically tell gmail its a known device and allow it through.

    This video, while its related to a Printer that uses scan to email will also work on other devices. Where it shows entering the password on the printer, simply enter the new secure generated password that you created on your device (leave the address alone) and Bingo -- Working again

    The Video. Gmails NEW unsecure App fix
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