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    So skinny is looking pretty good ... keep the same no too ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboy stu View Post
    So skinny is looking pretty good ... keep the same no too ?
    Yes, they do that.

    I couldn't ever remember my phone number so I asked them if I could change my number to our home number as I could remember that. No problems, I now have 027 home number. Not all silly, us old buggers

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    The $10 2D plan as suggested. My dad is on a $8 plan it is a discontinued plan that old clients could keep it I think or unless they kick you out. His $8 plan has no data and less minutes might be 60mins (?).

    2D does give SuperGold card discounts but those are only pay monthly which I think is a min of $39 a month now. $5 off that is.

    Some people now with smartphones keep in contact with WhatsApp etc so if someone shares their data for them , they can use the data for free (2D allows free data sharing). So technically with 2D if they only use online apps and minimal calls and text they could just pay $20 for the entire year ...... The person who is sharing their data must be on a pay monthly plan. That's what I do with family.

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