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    Default What is Java needed for?

    This morning I got an alert advising a Java update was available so went to proceed.
    I got a note "we note you have not used Java in last 6 months -if not needed remove it."
    I ignored that and installed the update.
    I had always been under the seemingly mistaken belief that Java was just another basic essential for a Pc.

    Guidance please.
    I appreciate that responders will not know precise details of my installed applications.
    but this is the first time (in years) that I have received such note from Java (Oracle) about non usage


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    Default Re: What is Java needed for?

    no java isn't all that essential any more. Unless you have a specific application that requires it, then it might be save to remove (or just disable for a period to see if anything breaks)
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    Default Re: What is Java needed for?

    It seems to be part of Open Office and LibreOffice MS look-a-likes.


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    Default Re: What is Java needed for?

    If you do need it, you might want to try getting the open-source version from You want the JRE rather than the JDK, and probably version 11 or newer, although there's a lot out there that are happy with v8. You probably want the 64-bit version these days, although if your Java application is 32-bit, you'll need the 32-bit JRE. I have both installed on my work PC to support an older programming app that hasn't been updated to 64 bit, and both LibreOffice & the Eclipse software development environment (the Eclipse Foundation owns the Adoptium brand) that are 64-bit.
    The Oracle licensing got very intrusive in the last year or so, so I avoided the hassle by going the Adoptium route.

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