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Fair enough but I find it odd that you read all of them if you didn't enjoy, I'd have stopped myself
Way back when I read A to Z, I had a method.
The DNF a book, not many but a few.

Read once. It was OK in which case I kept it for a time. Or, not that great in which case I swapped it.

Then I'd read them again if OK, a few didn't pass that test. It was OK but I couldn't see myself wanting to reread. Like those. It wasn't awful, and of them I liked the Hobbit more.

Then, the ones that did pass that second reading, I keep. And reread a lot.

I have roughly 400 books that I have kept. How many I read I don't know, thousands.

I still do it.
K.J.Parker. so far the standalones are keeping.
His first Trilogy, not sure, needs a second read to decide. It wasn't bad or anything, just not sure yet.

Just started the second trilogy. Can't comment as just done book 1, needs books 2 and 3 to know.