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Thread: Petrol

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    I agree, they are a bit over the top. I have one of them as a sister in law who is better off over there than over here. However she has really nice adult kids who have come and visited us. Rather have them than her in our home.

    But that's what it's all about. Every country has its good points and it's bad points. What I'm saying to Roscoe is, don't denigrate the country all the time. It's just not good manners. ........ and what does he mean when he ask "what's wrong with being Kiwi"?

    Peurile was the word I used. It fits you in these matters Roscoe!


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    Best we all go back to living in a Pa then since any overseas influence is to be banished. Oh that's right we can't even do that as even Maori came from overseas

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