I have a Pentium 133, 48MB RAM, 1.2GB H/D, S3 Virge video card and a Voodoo 1 3D card. The motherboard is a Microstar with Sis chipset and Award BIOS.

I am looking at upgrading the CPU and am looking at two options; either an IDT Winchip 2 3D 225 or a Hypertec Pro200MMX overdrive (both secondhand chips).
Does anyone have any experience with using either chip as far as performance increases or problems? Anything I have read so far suggests that the motherboard and BIOS should be comapatible.

The motherboard does not support a normal MMX chip but is upgradeable to a Pentium 200 (which seem to be hard to get now). I don't want the hassle or extra cost of upgrading the motherboard.

Any comments would be appreciated.