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    Default Re: Support for long graphic card

    You "shouldn't" need any addtional support for a 3060... but as per the previous posts, it is at the "lower" end of the GPU scale so the engineering may not be as "good".

    Generally, what I look for in a card (and if you can actually see it before you buy it) is making sure that the GPU's heatsink assembly is actually screwed into the bracket used to hold it in place.

    Some manufacturers only have the PCB connected to the bracket, which puts all the strain of the cooler on that point.

    Jay explains it pretty good here

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Support for long graphic card

    Quote Originally Posted by bk T View Post
    piroska: from your experience, no additional support needed?
    Yes. I had bought a new - large case, and still have that case now.
    It was the last GPU I upgraded regularly too, 2 years later - when I would upgrade again, I didn't. I kept it for another 4 years.
    Never had an issue.

    Can't see warping or anything, maybe if you move the case around all the time - like when people used to go to Lan parties, but if it's just sitting there, no.
    I would ensure A) Case is big enough, no scraping the bays, in my case I couldn't shift things around so just bought the new case.
    and B)Good airflow.

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    Default Re: Support for long graphic card

    I've never had an issue with it either but you could avoid the whole issue by buying a shorter card, this is the one I have

    I've owned dual and triple width cards that were max length and never supported any of them, always been fine. Some of the heavier ones had a slight angle to them when you looked side on but not enough to ever cause problems.
    Doesn't hurt to add support if you want to though.
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    Default Re: Support for long graphic card

    I have seen very long cards (e.g. SCSI RAID controllers) that have support brackets designed to slot into a special frame inside the case.

    It would make sense if modern graphics cards used this same technique but nowadays consumer PC cases don't have the right mounting hardware anyway.

    Most very long and/or heavy GPUs, at least the good brands, these days have a solid metal backing plate that holds everything fairly rigid and attaches to a dual/triple rear bracket where the video output ports are.

    My 5700XT has this for example, and it does not warp much at all, so it seems to be a good solution. I remember older graphics cards with large heatsinks that would bend a lot.

    Later, they must have realised that that puts too much stress on the PCB, and likely can crack the solder balls under the GPU chip, hence the reinforcing plates they have on them now.

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