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    Default Using cellphones while driving

    This new thing with cameras to catch cellphone using driver is a good thing. Just a bummer that it has taken so long for the gummint to wake up.

    When I was driving the school van I used to have a bit of fun with people that started texting while at traffic lights. Not toot, but hold the horn down till they moved off. I used to cop a bit of abuse for it but my opinion was "up them".

    All in favour of confiscating phones and a $1000 fine.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    I heard that in Seedknee the cops ride on the top deck of buses and look down into cars and nab them that way.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    Quote Originally Posted by allblack View Post
    I heard that in Seedknee the cops ride on the top deck of buses and look down into cars and nab them that way.
    Yep there was a program on TV once, they had cameras with them making the doco, the amount of people they catch is amazing.

    Last night out for a walk with the dog, stopped at the crossing, saw this SUV coming, thought narrr wait, some else in the centre Island waited as well, just as well we did, some stupid b1tch on the phone wasn't till she was actually level with the crossing that she even realised anyone was there.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    I fully support the new cameras idea. All safe Driving courses over the decades have stressed "keep your eyes on the road-ahead and around you."
    Most of these cellphone users will just be talking or txting crap - nothing vitally important. They are a danger to other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians
    Their behaviour is basically a form of arrogance.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    Trouble is these clowns all think the extra driver aids being put into vehicles will help them while they don't pay attention to the roads.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    In the early days of cellphones I was talking on my phone while driving on the motorway and realised that my attention was not fully on my driving and it had me worried so since then I have never used my phone while driving. Besides, is that call that important that you have to make that call or answer a call while you are driving? Most probably not.
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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    I have to say husband was shocking for lack of attention.
    Not phones, but fiddling....he messed with heater controls, played about with the radio, that sort of thing.

    Following on way down South I could tell, he'd lean over, and was so close to centre line the big wide truck trailer coming the other way luckily didn't kill him, just caught his side mirror.

    He'd drive along - with me - saying I love long drives, look at that! As he gazed out at the scenery. I spent most of that time in terror, watching him not scenery.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    While this may seem great i believe if you drive one handed then you'll get done for that as well. Seems a lot of money for a trial but I guess when the trial is over they'll rack in the revenue. Got to pay for the Covid spending somehow.

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    Fines dont really work, never have.
    Some will see a fine as a cost of working (txting) while driving

    If they REALLY wanted to stop it...
    Instant loss of drivers license . You have 30 days to resit your drivers licence & you will only have a temp license untill then.

    That will be such an inconvenience & such a pain in the arse , that word will get around & will be more of a deterrent.

    A fine is just a minor inconvenience thats soon forgotten , many wont even bother paying it
    having to re-sit your license , thats a major waste of your time , and may weed out those with really bad driving skills .

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    Default Re: Using cellphones while driving

    Maybe get the telco's involved to somehow ban offenders from using their services, e.g. texting. I think many youth use messenger, hence Meta could impose restrictions too.
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