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    Default Re: When should I go from Win 10 to Win 11?

    Lol, the juxtaposition of complete over the top and almost complete ignorance is such a laugh in itself.
    It's not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable. The hundred-times-refuted theory of "free will" owes its persistence to this charm alone; some one is always appearing who feels himself strong enough to refute it - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Default Re: When should I go from Win 10 to Win 11?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chikara View Post
    So there are problems with basic copy and paste functions in W11? What exactly is awful?
    copy & paste via kb is the same
    copy & paste via mouse right click is now awefull (for no good reason)

    many mouse right click options are ~hidden~ in a submenu.
    ie right click, then need to go to submenu to get the basic functions like copy, paste etc .
    If you use right click alot, its a pain .

    Same with assigning default apps in Win11. Was easy in Win10, with Win11 its an awefull & overly complex.
    Its as if MS didnt want you to change the default browser , or change other default settings, so MS made it a pain in the arse to do

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