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    Default Re: Who gets their Marching Orders?

    I agree with you Wainui -The problem is the "let's be kind" crap the Govt spouts. Be kind only works with responsible people. We seem to have lots of video cameras to enforce bus lane/speeding fines. Could these not be adjusted to run non stop -with backups . Picture clarity will show driver with cellphone in use. Decades ago my company featured because we received a traffic picture of a company truck driver with a dog in the passenger seat (we were a ready to eat meat product seller.

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    Default Re: Who gets their Marching Orders?

    [Approach paths could change several times a day, depending on the wind direction, the spokesperson said, adding it had not been possible to paint a welcome sign at the other end of the runway due to operational constraints./QUOTE]

    Operational constraints? Why haven't they found a way to paint the waters of the Manukau Harbour with a Kia Ora sign? Someone's head should roll for this gross negligence in failure to spend even more money in fully investigating ways and means of achieving that!

    More waste of public money by the bureaucrats
    At this point in time, our ground-to-air optical interface consultants , their advisers and safety team are fully involved with setting out and auditing the preliminary pre-paint preparations for the extended runway center-line markings on the western approach path. Unexpected difficulties have delayed this work in multiple ways. surface flooding on the work area regularly occurs and the drains installed to mitigate this have not performed to expectations. Safety cones on the site repeatedly disappear, and the scaffolding consultants report that they are unable to maintain a consistent height from their structure to the surface. Intensive investigation and consultation with relevant authorities is ongoing. Going forward, our team is not confident that the paint adhesion trials will meet the requirements of our panel of experts. The paint fading tests have had to be moved off-site due to the hydrological anomalies on the proposed work site. A specially constructed facility on a beach-front location in Bali was moving ahead smoothly, but is temporarily constrained while safety checks on site tsunami vulnerability hazard mitigation are undertaken. Staff have been placed on standby in hotel accommodation while the site is made safe.
    Geological Investigation revealed that the Mangere worksite is in a Volcanic Activity zone so planning has commenced on designing a hardened protective shelter for the entire airfield and its environs. This may delay completion of the project but careful management of costs should ensure that ant cost over-runs should fall within traditional Government Contract Price escalation guidelines. To assist with this, extra accountants and auditors are being actively recruited world wide.
    Fifteen hundred Treaty Gravy Extractors are already established and actively researching to determine how many negotiators will be required to ensure a thorough settlement regime can be established and continued for the foreseeable future.
    This is complex and difficult procure, so a great deal of extra glossy multi-lingual brochures are going to require a dedicated department be established as a matter of urgent priority.
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    LOL R2x1
    It's not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable. The hundred-times-refuted theory of "free will" owes its persistence to this charm alone; some one is always appearing who feels himself strong enough to refute it - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalOne View Post
    This is complex and difficult procure, so a great deal of extra glossy multi-lingual brochures are going to require a dedicated department be established as a matter of urgent priority.
    And, of course, you know what the government means by "multi-lingual" - maori and English. No matter that there are at least 45 other languages spoken in this country and that there are few people - maori included - that speak and understand maori. It's ridiculous.
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    Default Re: Who gets their Marching Orders?

    I wrote a letter of complaint to NZ On Air telling them how disappointed I was that they didn't use sign language in their radio broadcasts during Sign Language Week!

    As of now, I haven't heard back from them! Grrr!


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