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    Open your bank's website.
    Sign in to your online banking account.
    Open your account history page.
    Find and click the Export button.
    Select Excel or Spreadsheet as export format.
    Complete the export, and download the file.
    Open the exported file in Excel. Is this article up to date? Yes No.

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    Default Re: Download bank statement to Excel

    Eureka! I have got the initial problem solved, by uninstalling Office and reinstalling it as Neil F suggested. I realised sometime after I started this thread that all was not well with Outlook. Sometimes it wouldn't open and when I tried to close down it had to close Outlook first! Since the reinstall, the address book is not available, although the folder C:\Users\....\Microsoft\Outlook contains RoamCache folder, 9 .pst files 2 .obi files, and 1 .ost file. My last Macrium backup contains the same number of files. I have not tried to compare the files.

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    Default Re: Download bank statement to Excel

    It's not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable. The hundred-times-refuted theory of "free will" owes its persistence to this charm alone; some one is always appearing who feels himself strong enough to refute it - Friedrich Nietzsche

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